CAA#15  by Max Kuiper and Thorsten Soltau

"Cyland released today the precursor of "Roman Feast" on a collectors edition 7inch, entirely handmade. The record, a handcut lathe in square format comes in an silkscreened antistatic bag (sealable), typewriter OBI with the linernotes plus instant download in lossless/lossy formats.

As for the Cyland conception, the digital download for the release is free.

Special thanks to Sergey Komarov and Vladislav Dobrovolski for the invitation and release.”

text by Thorsten Marc Soltau

"The Cyland Audio Archive is a new project of the Media Lab Cyland, the nonprofit organization founded in St. Petersburg in 2007.
For many years, we have explored the possibilities of exhibiting Sound Art, experimented and drawn conclusions. And now we are proud to present the most natural method of collecting, archiving and demonstrating of Sound Art.”

Roman Feast will be released here:

this is great i think